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I observe and listen. Then I draw and write. My work has featured in The Guardian, Grazia, The Independent, InStyle, Red, Mumsnet, Netmums, and many more places besides. I collaborate with brands who have an interest in provenance, and relating to consumers using a more personal tone of voice. With relatability. I am always collecting experiences so please contribute. Especially to my School Rumours section. Examples here:

I hope you enjoy it.

40 Responses to About

  1. Hello Laura Quick,
    I love your work! Just wanted to let you know I was having a browse on your blog and was really enjoying the illustrations and vignettes… Little slices of life are the best type of thing to put a smile on your face!
    I’ve added you a blogroll so I’ll look forward to further installments.
    I am a Brit living in Sydney and running a cycling organisation called BikeWise…
    Thanks again,



  2. Elephant says:

    Dear Laura,

    Oh, yes! I feel right at home here with your drawings and “text.” I am smiling and enjoying everything – don’t want to be too effusive – but I could be – I really like you work and your sense of humor. I am looking forward to many amusing moments as I follow your wit, wisdom and talent!



  3. Hi Laura, Your blog is so much fun. I love your illustrations–they have a distinct style and they really made me smile! 🙂


  4. itisnovember says:

    So simple and so great. Love your artwork, Laura! Keep it up! Greets from Germany


  5. emanateslife says:

    I really like the things you are creating. I checked your website also, there are many very good things, a lot of life, and humour. I get very inspired by it!


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  7. Julxrp says:

    I’m nominating you for the “Most Influential Blogger” award


  8. Laura Quick says:

    Hello there. Thank you so much for nominating me! I am sorry I didnt reply earlier..only I literally just read this message properly on my ‘about page’ I do appreciate it!



  9. toutemodeste says:

    Like your blog! Hope you like mine as well http://www.toutemodeste.wordpress.com


  10. Some of those moments you documented actually make me feel like I was there. I just love it – awesome!


  11. The Shapeless Truth says:

    You are literally the highlight of my weekend!


  12. What a gem of a blog. Love the slices of life you illustrate. You have a follower in me.


  13. Plexus says:

    Hi Laura, we love your school rumours! Perhaps you’d enjoy our snippets from old school reports – have a look!


  14. I love your work! Keep up the great work! please Visit http://www.helloworldmagazine.com sometime, too. Thanks!


  15. alexandracharlottepullen says:

    I really love your work-so witty. Really dry-great!! So glad I found the blog 🙂


  16. thatssojacob says:

    Hello Laura! I’ve decided to read and follow 15 interesting and new blogs a day every day for the first month of 2015, and yours is today’s #12! Feel free to come visit me when you can at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com, and follow if you like what you read. Happy new year and happy blogging!


  17. goodyblogger says:

    Just come across your blog and I’m in love!! You draw the way I think!


  18. Nurse Kelly says:

    Hi Laura! Your blog is so unique with your simply put and perfect illustrations on life. It just makes me smile 🙂


    • Laura Quick says:

      Thanks Nurse Kelly. Its always so nice to have these lovely encouraging comments. Your blog is very positive, and interesting. I’m working on a free online magazine for nurses at the moment, started by a full time nurse in London. Mixes Health and art. Have a look if you have a moment…www.prnmagazine.com

      Liked by 1 person

  19. ARTmoses says:

    Wow! amazing. you are really unique and simple. I love your work it’s so amazing. Sincerely speaking your work inspires me.


  20. tolawrites says:

    Brilliant! This is brilliant. Nothing beats talent and the ideas, just great. I am sure I have got a whole lot to learn from here, especially this time when I am working independently on a fashion project and someday, probably soon, I hope I get the chance to visit your studio in Hackney.
    I am really inspired with the way you keep your works all handmade and that alone has given me a sense of direction for my project.
    Thank you for being an inspiration, God bless you real good.


  21. I agree with the comments above – your posts on daily life are a TRIUMPH! I have laughed many times, beautifully done.


  22. bonbonauta says:

    awesome work!!! I loved the realness of each post, i could immediately relate to your drawings!! loved it! you have a new follower here! 😀


  23. I think miinimalist drawing are sometimes harder to finish than realism. Congrats!


  24. All of your drawings are so brilliant spontaneous and un-fussy, I love them. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face, I’m gonna share your stuff all over if that’s alright! What you manage with your drawings is kind of what I’m trying to achieve in my more loose writing, so it’d be awesome if you could check it out/follow me!
    Congrats again!


  25. Lucky Sketch says:

    I was left blank looking at your illustrations…Amazing.


  26. Your work is fantastic. I LOVE it.


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