Mates Chillin’

On the South Coast sea wall. Dorset.


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A Selfie in Swange.

A day at the beach, taking a selfie in Swanage, Dorset: Part of an ongoing series, Ordinary People.


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A 4 year olds’ Argument for Being Vegetarian

It was an accidental argument for being vegetarian , but non the less a good one:

Poo and Pigs



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The Quick Guide To Parenting.

My book, titled The Quick Guide to Parenting is now available to pre order on Amazon: Released on September 8th.

It’s 144 pages of illustrations about being a parent, to make you laugh, and wince and occasionally go soft and squishy inside.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 15.28.29

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Tour De France. Get Your Pink Washing Up Gloves Out and RUN.

I love this part of the Tour de France best…

speed _Racers02sml

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EU Referendum. Only One Word For it:

Shit. Yes. A simple word, I know. But my sense of disappointment and feelings of loss over the EU exit, the lies and trickery, as well as the SUN  still renders me speechless. Lets not just lie down over this one. In the mean time I will scribble over Farage’s face.

referendum farage

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The Summer Solstice and Farage

The longest day of the year today. I drew this whilst listening to Nigel Farage on BBC Radio 4, I tried my best to hear him out. I did hear him out. Which added to the feeling as depicted below. #Remain

Summer SolsticeSML

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