Live Drawings At London Fashion Week

I spent some time working for a client live drawing for LFW. Paul Smith and Margaret Howell. Plus having some fun watching and observing as usual. Here are some of my pics.


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Yippee! Today’s THE day…


My book is now available to buy online at Amazon click here to buy a copy. #SupportYourLocalMum and get your Christmas present sorted all at once It’s only £10 and it is designed to make you laugh, which is nice…

Right I’d better go and empty the dishwasher, make a packed lunch, brush 3 sets of teeth and have a small argument about repeating myself.


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Mr Blosich (Rhymes With Sausage)

Another school rumour. I’ve been neglecting them so here is #26:

Mr BlosichSml


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Parents: New Washing Revolution

A revolutionary new washing machine designed with babies, toddlers, and pre schoolers in mind. Works right up until they leave home. #AllTypesOfShit




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Mates Chillin’

On the South Coast sea wall. Dorset.


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A Selfie in Swange.

A day at the beach, taking a selfie in Swanage, Dorset: Part of an ongoing series, Ordinary People.


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A 4 year olds’ Argument for Being Vegetarian

It was an accidental argument for being vegetarian , but non the less a good one:

Poo and Pigs



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