After The Betrayal


I waited until the kids had gone to school. Then I got the bag of rice out of the cupboard, poured some into the mortar and started pounding it with the pestle. Rice was flying everywhere, spraying across the table and floor and onto my feet. But I lent in, hunched over, head down and my left hand gripped the table edge hard, and I pounded the grains harder and faster. Almost psychotically. It could, to the eyes of an onlooker have been an almost comical sight. Darkly so.

But I wasn’t smiling. I was crying. The movement of the pestle, the grinding of the rice against the granite made a rhythm, and as I kept its beat I pictured your betrayal, and I went back and forth over the last 10 weeks in time with the back and forth of the pestle, and in the time it took to make that rice become a fine, white powder, I had cried very hard. I felt sadness. Real, massive sadness. But also some rage, and self pity, and a little bit of hope.

My arms ache as I write this, but it feels somehow re assuring. I think I may get through the whole bag before the week is out.

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Back To School

The 6 weeks holidays. The End. The children have been singing Ed Sheeran throughout.(“I’m in Lurv with yer bar-de”..) It is now etched into my mind and circles around in my brain throughout meetings, discussions and even arguments – there have been a few. It’s been a pleasure, don’t get me wrong but;



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Father’s Day: 2 symbols

I was trying to thing of 2 thinks that represent my father to me and I came up with these. My kids didn’t get it, but hopefully he will.


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Grenfell Tower

Here is why Theresa May IMMEDIATELY jumped into “Ordering a Public Enquiry”. Everyone needs to rally together and demand an Inquest. An inquest would be fair. Fairness is something we bring our kids up to value isn’t it? Link here to petition.

Grenfell Tower

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Election Stress and Confusion Causes Havoc With Under Ripe Avocado In Sock.

Election stress and uncertainty can manifest itself in many ways. Laura Wallington from Nottingham caused damage to property today after putting an under ripe avocado into an odd Jojo Maman Bebe sock and swinging it about in M&S foodhall, sending whole shelves of quinoa, beetroot and couscous crashing onto the floor and ruining people’s Converse.

“The election results have sent my head spinning, and when I couldn’t find a ripe avocado it all got too much. I had an odd sock in my handbag that my daughter asked me to hold a few days ago and something just came over me”. She explained. “It did feel good though”.

Avo and Sock_sml

Marks and spencer’s Store Manager commented “we wont press charges on this occasion, as this is quite rare, although I understand how she feels, we are living in very uncertain times. Only last week I covered my whole face on lipstick while I was getting ready to go to the pub.”


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World Book Day School Run

My Darth Vader, (on blue scooter) meets potential rival, Darth Vader, (on red scooter). They give each other the Death Stare, but no-one seems to have been harmed.


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The Self Adhesive Moustache

All 4 of them were wearing little self adhesive moustaches.. They were having a ball. But apparently you should not poo while wearing one, or at least according to my 4 year old….


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