Results of chefing

So I am home. My first shift as a chef. Probably my last. I prepared a zillion salmon on toasts, cheese biscuits, and arrancini, whilst at the same time noting the large (caged) Boa Constrictor a foot to my right. I then noticed a plastic tub by my salmon which I presumed to be some sort of garnish. It was, in fact 2 dead, part defrosted mice. Mr Constrictor’s dinner.

The hostess came in, put one of the mice on a side plate and popped it into the Aga.

I then had the pleasure of watching (after said mouse had reached body temp in the oven) my first ever snake-eat-mouse-whole experience. All whilst adding a dainty slice of pickled cucumber to the salmon canapes. I am sure there may have been a few snakes at this high flying canape party, but I saw a real one.

What a night. I loved it, even though I produced lines and lines of canapes like something from the army. Chefs, I salute you.

About Laura Quick

A professional and published London based Illustrator, with a client list including The Guardian, The Independent and AnOther Magazine, Laura set up The Daily Think to showcase her own self initiated work - based on daily life. The things we see, hear and do everyday often from an amusing angle. To make life easier to swallow.
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