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A professional and published London based Illustrator, with a client list including The Guardian, The Independent and AnOther Magazine, Laura set up The Daily Think to showcase her own self initiated work - based on daily life. The things we see, hear and do everyday often from an amusing angle. To make life easier to swallow.

Back To School

The 6 weeks holidays. The End. The children have been singing Ed Sheeran throughout.(“I’m in Lurv with yer bar-de”..) It is now etched into my mind and circles around in my brain throughout meetings, discussions and even arguments – there … Continue reading

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Father’s Day: 2 symbols

I was trying to thing of 2 thinks that represent my father to me and I came up with these. My kids didn’t get it, but hopefully he will.

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Grenfell Tower

Here is why Theresa May IMMEDIATELY jumped into “Ordering a Public Enquiry”. Everyone needs to rally together and demand an Inquest. An inquest would be fair. Fairness is something we bring our kids up to value isn’t it? Link here … Continue reading

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Election Stress and Confusion Causes Havoc With Under Ripe Avocado In Sock.

Election stress and uncertainty can manifest itself in many ways. Laura Wallington from Nottingham caused damage to property today after putting an under ripe avocado into an odd Jojo Maman Bebe sock and swinging it about in M&S foodhall, sending … Continue reading

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World Book Day School Run

My Darth Vader, (on blue scooter) meets potential rival, Darth Vader, (on red scooter). They give each other the Death Stare, but no-one seems to have been harmed.

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The Self Adhesive Moustache

All 4 of them were wearing little self adhesive moustaches.. They were having a ball. But apparently you should not poo while wearing one, or at least according to my 4 year old….

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Star Wars Egg Box

How the fight between a Five year old and a 9 year old began…

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