Charlie Hebdo. A Seven Year Old’s Reaction.

I didn’t get to switch the radio off in time this morning. She heard, and understood (it seems). This was her response. charlie Hebdo

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  1. They can’t stop people from drawing!

  2. alisonogle says:

    Out of the mouths of babes… Thank you for sharing.

  3. A_Female says:

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant. 🌟

  4. A_Female says:

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    We interrupt my ramblings to bring you some sobering and youthfully brilliant wisdom from a great blog I follow. #JeSuisCharlie …

  5. ellenahurst says:

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    A child’s poignant reaction to yesterday’s sad events, posted on a blog I follow.

  6. beckywoz says:

    this is a powerful post, thank you for sharing #JeSuisCharlie

    • Laura Quick says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Did you see Banksy’s one? It’s amazing..So clever.

      • beckywoz says:

        It is no problem🙂 I did, it is very clever, I really like the responses from cartoonists all over the world in support, illustration is a powerful tool.

  7. beckywoz says:

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    Drawings are powerful, but nobody should be punished for their creativity in such an atrocious way. I’ve been struggling to find the right words to put in a blog post about the absolutely barbaric events that have occurred in Paris, as it is a very difficult topic to cover, but have just seen this post. I think it says enough.

    • Yes it does say enough I think it says it all. Beautifully. I have been left speechless this last few months over these events as I live in Australia and see the tragedy and outpouring of emotion after the Lindt coffee shop event. And now Paris. It’s hard on little ones as much as it is on us. As adults.

      • beckywoz says:

        Yes, absolutely, the events in Australia also truly shocked millions,I have close friends who live there so it really brings it all close to home. Remember to stand strong together during these tough times, we must not be defeated by these events.

  8. moosha23 says:

    That is beautiful. And isn’t she so right? You can’t silence us, no matter how much you try.

  9. Marie says:

    We cannot always guard our children from news of tragedy, but we can learn from their innocence a gentler way to heal. Let us all rally with a love that perseveres.

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    Such innocence – thank you for sharing!

  12. Chris[tine] says:

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    So powerful! Thanks for sharing this!

  13. I agree, powerful! Great post.

  14. ALZamba says:

    Wow! She’s only seven?! What an insight she had. My dad and I says: “Bravo!”

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    Reacción de una niña ante el salvaje atentado

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    Obrigado menina,
    Je suis Charlie

  18. emneville says:

    Nobody can crush the voices of those who have something poignant to say, because the people who hear the message carry the voice forward. You can’t kill us all.

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    Amazing. It reminds me
    Of my 8 years old little girl Iris. They are so clever. And so right.

  20. daunte718 says:

    Sad situation now a days

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    Well said, dear 7 year old!

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    children understand more than we know and sadly, know more than they should.

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    Hank says- Even a seven year old understands

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    “They can’t get rid of the drawings”, how brilliant it is!

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    From a Fashion Illustrator blogger.

  26. Absolutely brilliant. I just blogged on this subject today. Wish I had seen this first.

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    air asia

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    And as everyone keeps drawing……they never will

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    This is brilliant and right out of a child. Pigeon holed creativity is crippled creativity. #JeSuisCharlie.

  30. Lyrallya says:

    Wow, this is brilliant. And so very true! They can never stop the freedom of speech!

  31. shantiepc says:

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    A child’s reaction to the crazy world we live in.

  32. Blue Bells says:

    Killing someone is not a solution I agree, but we should carefully draw a line between what is called freedom of expression and hurting the religious sentiments of others.

    • printedcartoon says:

      I agree with you. If this innocent child would have seen some of those drawings maybe she would have another opinion. I wrote a similar opinion as you on my blog.

    • taronkaprakash says:

      I agree. Its not free to draw something that hurt peoples religion. Then you hurt people.

    • bhuwanchand says:

      And who will decide what hurts the religious sentiments of others. Surely the rule of law of the land should take care of that. And those who have grievance should approach the law – isn’t that logical. Thats how civilized societies should behave. If you hurt my religious sentiment do I have the right to kill you? NO. That is not a civilized behavior. Thats like a tribal or jungle rule, even animals may not behave in that kind of revengeful way. And we call ourselves humans! Justifying the killing by any words is as deplorable as the killing itself. Everyone should have the freedom of expression. Everyone should have the freedom to offend too. Those who feel they religion should be above any kind of fun/ criticism/ humor/ ridicule should just keep inside their home and keep their eyes, ears, mouth shut.

  33. herak92 says:

    Very brilliant!!!!

  34. sayakmitra88 says:

    lovely and more importantly very inspiring

  35. Thank you for sharing, how insightful children can be through their no-nonsense view of the world!

  36. MumCaillou says:

    I live in Paris and have read Charlie Hebdo for years. Thank you for sharing this, as it reflect the hope we all have in France, that Charlie Hebdo will not desapear, that freedom of expression will never die. We should not die for it in a democracy.

  37. MumCaillou says:

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    Innocence. May we never lose it.

  38. The littlest people say the most profound things! Such a deep impact this makes..

  39. raskolnitsa says:

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  40. Roshni says:

    I loved this! Such an innocent thought!
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  41. Very powerful and moving. Thank you for sharing the words and art of this very bright and perceptive little girl.

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    A response from a very bright and perceptive little girl.

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    Very true

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    Out of the mouths of babes…

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    This is strong.

  46. nergizd says:

    Great innocent response

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    A magnificent post!
    Vive Charlie Hebdo!

  50. equinoxio21 says:

    And a great response from your daughter…

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    Wow! This is massive.

  52. polaris299 says:

    out of the mouth of babes

  53. inakiandayin says:

    powerful … We should learn from these simple yet powerful words.

  54. inakiandayin says:

    Shared it on facebook to see peoples reaction to it pls. go to inaki jose

  55. amommasview says:

    It iften seems so simple what they come up with… But it is so deep…

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    This reminds me of 9/11 when my kids were really young. They understand more than we give them credit for.

  58. Monster Papa says:

    You can also be killed for attending a wedding.

    • Laura Quick says:

      Really? I didn’t know that. I knew weddings could be scary, but not for that reason..
      Love your blog. Beautiful.

      • Monster Papa says:

        The U.S. has attacked at least five wedding parties from the air in Iraq alone. In one attack, 40 people were killed. I think it’s part of the context of the Charlie Hebdo attack. On a lighter note, thanks for the love, and your blog is great, too. One of these days I’ll learn to control my scanner and make pretty pictures like yours.

  59. Absolutely Brilliant. Even a child understands the idiocy of this senseless act of violence. Bravo, excellent post.

  60. cherriehub says:

    amazing response, so refreshing…

  61. cherriehub says:

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    refreshing response of a 7-year old…

  62. Dale says:

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    Brilliant. #JeSuissCharlie

  63. The truth behind childrens words. Amazing and pure

  64. hue101 says:

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    It begs to ask have you ever stopped to gain insight from a child? Its clear they understand far more than we give them credit for and if they can comprehend what adults fail to in such a nonsensical killing if the message is still passed on then how intellectually challenged are the adults that fail to understand???

    • Laura Quick says:

      I think the problem with adults is a tendency to over complicate things. Children edit it all down to the bare bones, and they do it quite naturally. Makes things much clearer!

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    such an appropriate and adult response

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    The reaction of & year old child on paris attack. Really its worth a thought.

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    Nice. Thanks.

  68. hiastgirl says: please do comments on following the above link

  69. louise2015 says:

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    I love this, so innocently said, and so very very true

  70. louise2015 says:

    Reblogged on to Grayson & Me – so innocently said and so very true. Thank you for sharing

  71. Kids always amaze me at how they respond to adult topics.

  72. johnberk says:

    Yesterday millions have marched to support the victims. Among them, many Muslims were seen and also spoke about feeling ashamed for having to justify such horrendous crimes. But there is another story, which we should know – we kill more people in Afghanistan and Iraq in one day that died in the Paris attack. Also more people die in one day on the US roads. So we should be careful about judging this event as an extremely dangerous terrorist attack. Was it a terrorism? Yes. But was it a well prepared and committed terrorist act funded by other Muslim country or organization? Probably not. There are signs that it was all planned and executed with the help of radical Muslims who are French. So we shouldn’t really blame anyone else without having hard evidence for it. Screaming that you are from Al-Queda does not make you its member. Killing people for Allah does not mean that the whole religion supports you. Or should we blame conservative Christians for Breivik? I’m really happy to be from Canada, which seems as a country that moved past this stage of blaming Muslims. We seem to grasp the complicated reality of immigration and its grudges better. I hope our experience helps policy makers to understand that it is possible to live in peace.

    • bhuwanchand says:

      Unfortunately Canada swings to the other side of extreme and has been harboring criminals/ terrorists in the name of liberalism. The people involved in the terror bombing of Air India plane Kanishka were let off easily and are still living a lovely life in Canada while 100s of people died in that unfortunate plane crash and their families are still in pain. People who support hardcore Islam in the Muslim majority countries come to Canada and take advantage of the liberal laws here. We must see the people for what they stand for. By closing our eyes against terror attacks, by equating it with other deaths is not going to help you or Canada in the long run. Remember, it could very well be Canada tomorrow facing similar terror attacks, it could be personally you also facing the pain of losing a loved one at the hands of fanatics (religious or otherwise).

  73. ouidepuis1 says:

    That one’s a keeper. If only those terrorists had thought of that…

  74. letschercher says:

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  75. abhishekmitra2006 says:

    Yet another PROTEST MARCH,,today in France,,tomorrow where??until how long?’WE’ lit up candles…..EVERY TIME, AS ALWAYS….
    but eventually as the candle flames dies out and take its last breath and melt down on the PROTEST street…
    maybe prepare our soul for the next attack to cry on again??.To protest again???
    Since last numerous attacks human kind has ever encountered over the period of time,WE follow this same protocol,WE just can’t get out of this,and the disease of ‘moving on’ became such a tradition which, WE Accept and WE follow…
    after 9/11 we mankind held hands and promised to eradicate terrorism,,That SPIRIT and DETERMINATION is visibly prominent in the latest attack.Its not about one Charlie Hebdo,there are so many Charlies sacrificed their lives in the alter of terror rampage,,
    Does Charlie go to Heaven or those who brutally murdered him in the name of jihad went to heaven???does anybody know???

  76. rvroadrunner says:

    Insight without hashtag. Priceless!

  77. Chanprit says:

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    Because humanity needs a break from religion.

  78. Sapphire Li says:

    That is incredibly powerful, especially coming from such a young child.

  79. qizhao09 says:

    Everyone has the right, they can not stop it.

  80. benedictcwp says:

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    Pure, innocent, and so true.

  81. paradoc-x says:

    The excuses people use to take the lives of others is shocking to me.

  82. Simone RL says:

    Only children can come up with the most profound words in a heartbeat. Beautiful x

  83. Jawad says:

    the concept of “freedom of speech” has always been misused. you think its freedom of speech if someone swears your mother or father for no apparent reason and makes their funny drawings then post on internet for everyone to see?
    All I am saying is those who committed this barbaric act of killings have done wrong indeed and they must be punished. But think for a second, what lead them to do this?
    That 7 year old child said really well but does she know what the drawings were about, she might have a different opinion.
    Please start thinking, its the time we all should live in unity not fight and die for lost causes.

    • bhuwanchand says:

      Is offending someone equivalent to murdering them? Who will decide what kind of offence is punishable by death? Some mob or the rule of law in the society. If we go by the same logic, I think all the people following one religion should murder the others who are following some different religion. I am a hindu and worship a number of images/ statues/ gods, this is against your personal belief system – so would you kill me for that? Do not put any condition while raising your voice against the murder. Let the rule of law in the society take its course. No one can publish those cartoons/ images in Muslim countries, because majority of the people follow Islam and the rule of law reflects their point of view – thats fair, if someone tries to publish these images there, he/she should be punish under the law of the land. Similarly you must respect the law of land in all the other places where Islam may not be a majority religion. Please teach tolerance to your younger generation. An eye for an eye will make the whole world turn blind.

      India is a Hindu majority country, people still make fun of / ridicule Hinduism through movies/ books/ cartoons. Most Hindu do not mind it at all, some who do not like it go to the courts, protest against it. Thats all, they do not kill the people… The moderate Muslims need to raise their voice and stand up to the hardliners otherwise this cycle of violence will never end.

      • Jawad says:

        You should be connected to social media more and read news, moreover learn about islam first. Muslims would never kill anyone unless they have a threat to their own life (which btw is the law of the “society” as well).
        If you read my comment carefully, i said whoever did the killings did wrong indeed. It is not accepted in islam either infact I dont even know if the killers were actually Muslims or not, how certain are you that they were?

        On the other side this two-faced society must put an end to being hypocrites. 99.99999999% of the Muslims live in peace without harming anyone, then why is that the act of 0.00000001 % (or probably less) is portrayed as the representation of Islam and the rest of suffer due to this?

      • bhuwanchand says:

        Dear Friend, Thanks for your suggestions, I will surely keep them in mind. But I would like to tell you that there is no law in any society that civilized people live in, which permits me to kill someone if there is any threat to me – there are other constitutional and legal measure to take care of that. Which crazy society are you living in my friends? I know enough about Islam to know that it is not what Mohammad Saheb had in mind when he started the religion but soon it was taken over by the hardliners who have totally screwed the things up. Violence of Hadiths became more important than the message of peace and love from Quran.

        Please come out of the denials, by closing your eyes you can not expect the things to change. Everywhere in the world the same story is repeated. The Islamic fundamentalist carry out violent activity and moderate peace loving muslims (like yourself) pretend to ignore it – which emboldens them to carry out even more ridiculous attack in the future. Please stand up and be counted. Nothing can be above humanity and human life – not even a God – anybody’s God for that matter including mine. I will reject my own God if it preaches me to kill innocent people.

        I believe you are among those who are peace loving muslims and do not want to harm anybody. But my friend it is you who is in minority and will continue to be in minority if you do not raise your voice against the hardliners and their violence. The way the Islamic fundamentalist carry out their diversionary activities, they will one day destroy the whole religion of Islam. Right now more muslims are being killed by their fellow muslims than anyone else. 12 people died in France, look at how many people, mostly muslims, are being killed in Nigeria by Boko Haramis, in Iraq and Syria by ISIS, in Pakistan by Talibans? Just think about it with a cool mind. Do not get angry or upset, there is no threat to Islam from any other religion. The threat to islam is from within, from those who preach violence. Because violence will only lead to more violence and utter destruction. Ultimately it is the humanity which will suffer.

        I am sorry for using harsh word, but I have no ill-will towards you or islam. The first words that I learned as I was growing up were the words from azaan from a neighborhood mosque, I grew up in a muslim neighborhood where we respected and loved each other, celebrated each others festivals, helped each other in bad times. I still find most of Indian muslims are moderate, peace loving. That’s why you will find very few of them getting motivated by ISIS, Al Qaeda or Talibans.

      • Jawad says:

        Again you are not understanding, Islam has nothing to do with violence, its those people (ISIS, Taliban, AL Qaeda) who choose to go along the wrong path and spread violence.
        And how are peace loving Muslims in minority?
        do the maths, count the number of people operating ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Tell me I am wrong if I say they are not more than (lets for the sake of argument say) 100000?
        How many Muslims are there in total? about 1.6 billion, 1,600,000,000.
        What minority of peace loving Muslims are you talking about?

        And exactly my point, Why are Muslims being mostly killed around the world?

        And I am sorry to say that you are using the words “Muslim” and “Islam” without even knowing the meaning of them.

        Muslim means a person who submits his will to Allah (God) by following Quran and sunnah. But if anyone mentions a sunnah that contradicts Quran then that act of sunnah is false because Muhammad (SAW) never did/say anything against the will of Allah.

        Islam is a religion of peace. People who follow Islam will never kill anyone unless they have an immediate threat to their lives. (Self-defence as you may call it)

        I know you have good intentions but you are wrong in saying that the peace loving Muslims are in minority. In fact, the black sheeps among Muslims are always portrayed by the media to represent the whole religion of Islam by calling them “Islamic Extremists”. And this media runs under the “Freedom of Speech” but why doesnt it portray Americans the same when black sheeps among them do the same. Why are they considered as mentally challenged when they do that. and so called Muslims who commit similar acts of terrorism (which btw will contradict the definition of being a Muslim since they are denying the word of God) are portrayed as terrorists to represent the whole religion as such?

        All I am saying is think whats happening around you and use your eyes, brain and ears to analyse such acts before singling out a whole religion.

      • bhuwanchand says:

        Dear Friend,

        Even before Mohammad Saheb was properly cremated, factional war started as to who should be the next Islamic leader and it continue to happen till this day. The chief leaders were killed brutally, once in a mosque while praying. Sub-group within the religion declared unislamic and the in-fighting continue till today in Iraq/ Syria/Pakistan/Afganistan/ Nigeria/Yemen.

        Majority of muslim across the world believe 9/11 in US was a Jew/American conspiracy! 26/11 tragedy in India would have been dubbed as Hindu conspiracy but one of the attacker got caught alive and spilled the beans. Any attack carried out by hardliner Islamist is defended by Muslims across the world.

        Whichever country muslims are in majority, the minorities are always under thread, they do not have full rights to follow the religion of their choice.

        Muslim do not have the choice to move out of Islam, there is always the threat to be killed for blasphemy. No other religion society in the world has the concept of blasphemy which is punishable by death.

        Islam came to India with the invaders from west and spread with the help of sword, still its amalgamation with Hinduism created a moderate Sufi tradition which was and still welcomed with open arms by Hindus as well. We were together in the struggle for freedom from British colonial rule, but then suddenly one fine day when the dream was about to became reality, the Musilms decided that they can not live in a Hindu majority country and need a country of their own. Mind you, most of those who supported this demand were educated, middle class, moderate type of muslims. The poor and the ultra rich muslims had no problem living anywhere. Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and today it is the epicenter of terrorism across the world. For centuries temples, statues of god-goddesses were destroyed, used as raw material for mosques, the practice was follows as recently as Taliban destroying the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan. One temple was repossessed by Hindus in Ayodhya – which is the birth place of Hindu god Ram and all hell broke lose. There were violent attacks against Hindus, their temples in Pakistan and Bangladesh! Riots started in many Indian cities as well.

        Some cartoons were published by a newspaper in a distant country and there were riots and violent protest across the muslim world. Why?

        Salman Rushdie wrote a fictional book based on some Bollywood flimstar and his dreams/ hallucinations and orders were issued to kill him. Why?

        Taslima Nasreen wrote a book about the sad state that she found in her society and she was thrown out of the country? Why?

        Israel, a tiny country, the only place the Jews can call their home, Jews who are less than 0.5% population of the world, is despised by all muslims across the world. The are called names, and hated so badly. Why? Don’t you think even Jews have the right to live and follow their own religion.

        Why muslim from across the world are joining ISIS, Al Qaeda and Talibans to go and kill people? For their own 72 virgins in paradise? Why don’t they go and join the war against them, why there are any demonstration against the Boko Haramis? Because they are your co-coreligionists

        People are being killed in the name of Islam from the day it started and it continue to happen even today. This Paris attack is neither the first nor the last such act. And you refuse to even believe that it was carried out by Islamic fundamentalists?

        Is Islam such a weak religion that it comes under threat so easily, by cartoons, by books, by movies, by other people’s faith, their god-goddess that you have to defend it by violence. Why?

        Why? Why such blind following by the followers of a religion which preaches enlightenment, which is against any kind of blind faith and superstition. Why so much anger against every one else. Why this Us Vs Them all the time.

        Okay so you still feel I am not understanding Islam? Are you not in denial, are you not keeping your eyes closed because of the fear that the hardliners will turn against you as well? You say Islam has nothing to do with Violence, I agree that Mohammad Saheb may have that in mind, but his followers didnt exactly follow that in their deeds. There were brutal internal/ factional wars for supremacy, violent men who spread the Islam with their sword are looked up to as Icon of Islam. Please shun this violent mentality. It will not do anyone any good.

        An eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind. Violence can never be an answer to anything. You get grouped along with the Islamic fundamentalist because you do not show the courage to stand up to them, you are not willing to stand along with the other peace-loving people – just because they belief in some other god-goddess. Shun this mentality and you will see the things will change. There are muslims who have done that and they are brave people. I admire them. Former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam is one such hero, a living legend and ideal for millions of Hindus+muslims in India. There are muslims like him in every country, every society but they are marginalized, their voices are not heard. That is why I say that the moderates are in minority – because they refuse to rise up and be counted. Those who let the violent act happen silently are equally responsible for such act.

        These are tough questions, please ponder upon them. I have named my son Kabir – after a muslim sufi saint of India who loved both Allah and Ram. I have a Quran as well as a Bible at home, I read my son & daughter stories from all different culture so that they grow up to be neutral. If they decide to follow some other religion when the grow up we will never stop them. Do you think you can do that too? Do you think muslims would agree to such philosophies? I am willing to come along with you in any mosque you wish to go and pray beside you to Allah with equal devotion, are you willing to do the same with me, will you come to my temple and show respect and devotion to the god-goddess that I wish to pray to. Think about it. This world is a like a mirror, we project our own thoughts. How you behave with others is exactly the way they will behave with you.

        God bless you and I wish you a good life.

      • Jawad says:

        Look man! you have no knowledge of Islam.I suggest you to read Quran which is the most authentic source of learning about Islam. Do not listen to media because media’s only purpose is to gain wealth by promoting controversies. Even the media is controlled by higher powers.

        As far as blasphemy is concerned read this article ( ) that describes verses from Quran. Quran never permitted Muslims to kill or even punish anyone if they speak, represent, mock or mimic the Holy Prophet.
        Blasphemy is a law created by people without having complete knowledge of Quran.

        Your only purpose is to have an arguement based on false knowledge and you are gonna keep arguing more unless you know the truth.

        You based your comment and argument on Blasphemy which is not a law of Islam. We are only advised to stop being “friends” with people who commit blasphemy not even get angry at them but pity at them because they havent seen the truth yet.
        So please, correct your knowledge before you start a propagenda against islam.

        Thank you.
        I hope the best for you in this life and herafter.

      • bhuwanchand says:

        Dear Friend,

        First you suggested that I learn from media and social media about what is happening in the world and now you are saying that I should not believe anything that media says and only limit myself to Quran. Well that is the problem,. Thats how indoctrination happens. Don’t do that to yourself and to your children/ family members. Do exposed yourself to all the information available/ possible. Read all religious books, then choose the path that you wish to take.

        You have not answered any of the question that I raised. It is the same approach that majority of muslim take to get out of the sticky situation.

        Your picked up only blasphemy as a topic to question my understanding of Islam and muslims. Well here also you have not been totally transparent. If Blasphemy as preached by Islamic fundamentalist today is not in accordance with then why dont majority muslim say so. Why is it a law in Pakistan which is being used to prosecute minorities. There is a woman set to be killed by law over there soon, please read about it here

        Anyways, to each his own, you will wake up one day. Religions is nothing but common sense, the Prophets are those who understood it well and laid out the procedures so that even intellectually challenged could follow them and live a happy life. The more intellectually challenge the followers are, the more rigid the religious rules becomes. Don’t pity others, don’t hate others, don’t kill others. The world would be such a peaceful place if we could just mind our own business as far as religion is concerned, keep it a personal choice, a dialogue between self and the god.

        I have read translation of Quran, and respectfully keep a copy of it along with the Bible and other religious scriptures at my home. I am sorry for asking uncomfortable questions. You do not need to answer these to me. But do ask them to yourself and anyone who tries to radicalize you. Search for the truth within you and you may find it all inside yourself.

        God bless you and your family. Thanks for your kind words.

    • bhuwanchand says:

      Is offending someone equivalent to murdering them? Who will decide what kind of offence is punishable by death? Some mob or the rule of law in the society. If we go by the same logic, I think all the people following one religion should murder the others who are following some different religion. I am a hindu and worship a number of images/ statues/ gods, this is against your personal belief system – so would you kill me for that? Do not put any condition while raising your voice against the murder. Let the rule of law in the society take its course. No one can publish those cartoons/ images in Muslim countries, because majority of the people follow Islam and the rule of law reflects their point of view – thats fair, if someone tries to publish these images there, he/she should be punish under the law of the land. Similarly you must respect the law of land in all the other places where Islam may not be a majority religion. Please teach tolerance to your younger generation. An eye for an eye will make the whole world turn blind.

      India is a Hindu majority country, people still make fun of / ridicule Hinduism through movies/ books/ cartoons. Most Hindu do not mind it at all, some who do not like it go to the courts, protest against it. Thats all, they do not kill the people… The moderate Muslims need to raise their voice and stand up to the hardliners otherwise this cycle of violence will never end.

  84. Really wonderful and full of emotional expression.

  85. chikepoo says:

    Beautiful, powerful, and most likely one of the smartest responses i have seen.

  86. Freedom says:

    I don’t think it is just a story of drawing!! however, I like your way on seeing things… It is so sad what happened to those people who tried to express themselves … “Freedom of expression” — “Free the press” — “limits of this Freedom” — all are things that we should look upon regardless of the actor drawing!

  87. funguy says:

    love this to pieces

  88. Reblogged this on art and awareness and commented:
    Art is freedom… freedom is art. Drawing is freedom… freedom is drawing. Non-violent communciation is freedom… freedom is Non-violent communication. Forgiveness is freedom… freedom is forgiveness. Awareness is freedom… freedom is awareness. Love is freedom… freedom is Love. Mx

  89. gemmaparry04 says:

    Thank you for sharing. Great post!

  90. shawnworth says:

    It’s as simple as that. This isn’t as much about religion or people’s feelings or freedom or even satire. The child’s observation, in my opinion, was about the effectiveness of murder. Did the killings achieve the objectives of the killers? Without knowing the nature of the drawings, the question was posed: can murder stop drawings? Can violence bring art and expression and even hurtful comedy to an end, or will human expression always find a way to survive like weeds growing through the sidewalk cracks?

  91. abhijitahire says:

    How innocence these flowers has…who would give answer to their innocence

  92. seriouslytalib says:

    Hi! I would like you to check out my views on Charlie Hebdo incident and comment on the same.

  93. ondrejplach says:

    Interesting article. But I am not 100% convinced. I can’t identify myself with the alleged superiority of the Western culture. To be a Muslim, as I argue on my blog, is more a cultural thing for the majority of them.

  94. bhuwanchand says:

    The voice of humanity can not be silenced by murdering the people, it gains more volume…

  95. Nick Scott Greene says:

    Reblogged this on The TinHead Emporium and commented:
    Kids are so much smarter than adults.

  96. awax1217 says:

    I am against the killings but the magazine was evil to Muslims. The way of fighting the vile printings needed to be moved to the power of the pen and communication.

  97. Pollock of Light says:

    Reblogged this on Pollock of Light.

  98. Imagine, if a childs innocence would never fade…

  99. andrei2090 says:

    Reblogged this on Andrei S. .

  100. Reblogged this on littlemissmacro and commented:
    This is sobering and special our children hurt as much as we do.

  101. whyisitempty says:

    Reblogged this on TRALALALA and commented:
    Exactly!! Even a 7 year old can clearly see the real issue here!

  102. Reblogged this on Chloe and commented:
    Very powerful!

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  104. Oggi Zul says:

    Their world is empty for us, not for them.

  105. Jessica says:

    Your seven year old is a genius.

  106. Reblogged this on Eric Schmiedl and commented:
    A fitting reaction to the tragedy.

  107. teenwatcher says:


  108. teenwatcher says:

    Reblogged this on teenwatcher and commented:
    no words

  109. bryngrun says:

    Reblogged this on winterspringg and commented:
    Wow… Just wow…

  110. Tess says:

    So very true. Thank you for sharing.


  111. apkfrog says:

    Thank you
    Fantastic Blog
    Good luck

  112. Reblogged this on Romsey Counselling and commented:
    Too true.

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  114. This is really powerful. I am in the process of writing an article on the Charlie Hebdo atrocities. Keep an eye out! This is great though #JeSuisCharlie

  115. Reblogged this on Santa's Reindeer and commented:
    Lovely thoughts….

  116. Reblogged this on TheLinkedSide and commented:
    Perché i bambini la pensano diversamente?

  117. Tidlidim says:

    This is a very clever and wise 7-year-old! Very to-the-point and true. Well done!

  118. Reblogged this on lifehomeandaway and commented:
    An interesting and thought provoking post. Begs the question was it really about the drawing? Answer: no, it was just an excuse to unleash mayhem.
    However is free speech an excuse to offend? NO
    Life requires balanced perspectives at all times.

  119. purpleanais says:

    Reblogged this on arwenaragornstar and commented:
    This is simply perfect. My own efforts on my blog to try to articulate the emotions I felt when my country & my values were attacked in such a senseless way, pale next to this.

  120. One of the best, thanks for sharing🙂

  121. mitchmars says:

    With an outraged, collective animal from a different world who does not apprehend our wider meanings, faces us behind a flimsy barrier, does it make sense to jab sharp sticks into it because we can? Does this give proof that we are truly free? Or?

  122. Jay Carter says:

    Reblogged this on The Commentator and commented:
    Properly good post – definitely worth a read.

  123. apkfrog says:

    Thank you
    Fantastic Blog
    Good luck

  124. johnsantanah says:

    It just touching…

  125. wildhorse45 says:

    Thank you for sharing! A very powerful post! #Jesuischarlie

  126. ocjarman1 says:

    Reblogged this on ocjarman and commented:
    There is no expression I could say or write of about the Paris tragedies, that would be better expressed, than of this child.

  127. mahavictor says:

    Thats sound amazing

  128. amr4874 says:

    Reblogged this on som.

  129. mjaYMARINA says:

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    Powerful really.

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  132. smayuson says:

    Reblogged this on smayuson and commented:
    Children speak and innocent truth. Why is it that becoming an adult, truth is perceived as offensive⁉️

  133. Laura says:

    Visuals are powerful and we could learn a lot from the young. They’re the next generation, not tarnished by the worlds greed and hate yet, plus there would be free candy.🙂

  134. emkpainter says:

    Clever little girl.

  135. cav3ndish says:

    Reblogged this on Handmade Dazzle and commented:
    Amazing and true.

  136. aud2bme says:

    Out of the mouth of babes🙂

  137. puremystique says:

    That moment when you realise that maybe we are safe in the hands of the next generation after all…

  138. Ronald Baker says:

    Reblogged this on Unchain The Tree and commented:
    It will be documented in history. The evil that you have allowed about to lose. How.can you call yourselves leaders. God bless.There’s a lot they don’t know about a lot.

  139. katrya2286 says:

    It’s interesting how simple and effective her line is. It’s beautiful that a seven year old can commentate so well on such a jarring topic.

  140. Thanks for sharing this- a very accurate observation

  141. Kids often give us so much insight into topics that are hard to swallow. Their opinions may be concise and simple, but deep. What a beautiful response to such a horrific tragedy- to remind us all that we can (and will) still draw, write & express, and that we will continue to protect what is right and dispel the evil by doing so. Thanks for sharing.

  142. How can you be punished for drawing?

  143. I haven’t read every comment…there are far too many…but I would like to just state that killing people for their opinions is wrong. So someone draws a cartoon and pokes fun at your religion – is it that weak that it cannot stand a little criticism?

    Muslims do seem to take these things way too personally…far moreso than any other religion…I have to wonder why that is.

    Je suis Charlie aussi

  144. dtangle says:

    Reblogged this on wireswilltangle and commented:
    Children are wiser than the adults who think they know so much. As we age, our brains are trained to think certain thoughts and look at things with a pinch of salt. We lose the touch of humanity we were born with. We lose who we were meant to be in the process of becoming what’s socially acceptable.

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