Bottoms In Bikinis

On Holiday in the South of France we spent the day in our swimming cosies amongst 5000 others. Here is a cross section of the bums I encountered there. Bottoms to suit all tastes I’m quite sure. I’ll do more men next week to make it fair.


About Laura Quick

A professional and published London based Illustrator, with a client list including The Guardian, The Independent and AnOther Magazine, Laura set up The Daily Think to showcase her own self initiated work - based on daily life. The things we see, hear and do everyday often from an amusing angle. To make life easier to swallow.
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13 Responses to Bottoms In Bikinis

  1. Martian says:


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  2. tappjeanne says:

    Hilarious! The husband and I just got back from a beach trip as well – his comment “amazing to me how there are only two human species – male and female, and there are so many variations on the theme!!”

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  3. Nurse Kelly says:

    Ha! This is so extraordinarily you! But which bum is yours?? lol

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  4. alisonogle says:

    Great observations as always Laura


  5. equinoxio21 says:

    Haha! I think I’l go the Alps instead…


  6. TobyRenman says:

    Very nice, although all these are all somewhat slim — don’t see any truly hourglass figures here.


  7. ARTmoses says:

    very clever, i love it


  8. maimaijohn says:

    Wonder how my bum will look like in those suits…lol


  9. BunKaryudo says:

    Never seen a collection of bum sketches before, so that’s a first. They’re well done, though. If the men’s in your next set of pictures have a build anything like mine these days, you’re going to need a lot more paint (ink?) around the tummy area.


  10. I would have loved to see my bottom on one that painting!


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