Obscene Toe Sitch…

Obscene Toe Sitch

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Prince George’s First Word

I can’t help but notice how much it’s being discussed in magazines, editorials and on TV.

-Grown professionals in well made suits discussing what Prince George’s first word might be on breakfast TV. Nodding and shaking their heads in serious debate.

Generally (in my personal experience) a child’s first word is most likely to be the first of a long line of single syllable nouns to which you have to reply “yes, That’s right darling” – Bus. Cat. Dog. Car. Ball. Mine. No. etc ..So no rush, that’s what I say.

If I was the Duchess of Cambridge, however, this little pearl would have to be my favourite.

Prince George


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City Boys Gossiping

Corporate boys gossiping

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Enthusiastic Hands Galore

I was commissioned by the BBC to draw an event yesterday. Lots of interesting people bouncing ideas off one another. I did 48 drawings but my favourite part was observing their hands and giving them titles:

enthusiastic hands

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Jesus, It’s nearly Easter.


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UKIP and Putin.

Just read in the Independent that Nigel Farage of UKIP fame most admires Putin. I can just imagine his face lighting up at the very thought of this charismatic maniac. I bet he’d go weak at the -whisky pickled- knees.

Nigel Farage and Putinsml


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Table Manners.

The table was set, The olives were out. The wine was breathing. Everything was perfect when I went to answer the door….


A Stylish Centerpiecesml


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