World Book Day School Run

My Darth Vader, (on blue scooter) meets potential rival, Darth Vader, (on red scooter). They give each other the Death Stare, but no-one seems to have been harmed.


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The Self Adhesive Moustache

All 4 of them were wearing little self adhesive moustaches.. They were having a ball. But apparently you should not poo while wearing one, or at least according to my 4 year old….


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Star Wars Egg Box

How the fight between a Five year old and a 9 year old began…


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One Hit Reaction To Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony:

I am watching the inauguration right now. The only image that expresses how I feel, and how many Americans I know must be feeling is this one. #LetUsPray


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A Christmas Message You’ve Never Heard

Thomas Turkey Morton-Smith, CEO of the Christmas Association of Turkeys (CAT) has a festive message this Christmas:


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Marilyn Manson and French Uncle Jean


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The Turkey’s Habit

I once read that turkeys have to be brought indoors during heavy rain, as they have a tendency to look up at it, filling their airways until they drown. I am not sure if this is a fact, I just love it. These folk stood here for half an hour staring up at the announcement board at St Pancras waiting for the train to Nottingham platform to be announced, and it made me think of the turkeys.



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Brexit, Lies, and The US Election:

Dear American voters: Lots of English voters believed some lies from ‘real’ ‘honest’ and ‘straight talking’ politicians and newspapers, and they voted for Brexit. Then it was proved that these politicians lied to get what they wanted. Now the pound is not worth as much as it used to be. By quite a long way. In fact there are many more negative impacts than we predicted (Click here for Financial Times synopsis). Don’t vote for the guy below in our honour (I think he keeps bring us up?). You need to take what he says about Brexit with a pinch of salt – although go easy on those sodium levels – . Try to go for the person who you imagine might teach your kids better values. Like sharing. Helping others. The list goes on. Keep it simple tomorrow. #FingersCrossedForTomorrow #VoteHillary #SOS



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Parenting. What about ‘Childing?’

When your kids want something there really is no excuse available to you that they will accept. Wether it’s having another ice cream, watching another episode of Paw Patrol, not having a bath, or when you, yes YOU (remember!?) want to leave the playground, because you want a wee so much that you know one sneeze and ITS GAME OVER. There really are #NoExcuses. If I did Parenting like my kids do Childing things would get very militant. I mean telling me to piss myself so she can go on the swings? that’s NUTS.




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The French / English Sliced Loaf Debacle

Over breakfast I said to my French partner “that’s not a slice of bread”. He replied “oh you English and your fucking sliced bread!” Does ‘the best thing since sliced bread’ mean NOTHING?!..


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